Even though Switzerland is a small country, its people do speak no less than four different languages. Everything from the list of ingredients on the package of the groceries to the manual of the most complicated TV set has to be printed in three different languages (German, French and Italian). Since Switzerland has no natural resources, education and knowledge have become very important resource. Therefore Switzerland claims to have one of the world's best education systems. Because the cantons are responsible for educational may vary significantly between cantons. For example, some cantons start to teach the first foreign language at fourth grade, while others start at seventh grade. There are eleven universities in Switzerland, nine are run by cantons, and two are run by the confederation. After elementary school, kids may either choose to go to secondary school or to start an apprenticeship, It is still after finishing the apprenticeship, It is still possible to start am academic career at either a secondary school or a so called fachhochschule (FH) ("technical college").

Visas for study

  • B-permit (temporary residense permit)
  • Schengen Visa (22 european  countries) 

Both Visas are valid for 1 year and are legally extended upto 5 years in Switzerland

6 month classroom training:

  • Tuition fees
  • Course material
  • Internet
  • Accommodation - (twin sharing)
  • Meals -breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Health insurance
  • Annual trip - Germany, Italy, France
  • Airport pick up
  • Bank account


Given if enrolled before scholarship period:

  • German language
  • Laptop
  • Business suits
  • Swiss travels
  • Cards:  

                         1) Half card -50 % discount on travelling

                         2) Glise 7 card - free travelling after 7 PM

College days 

Monday to Friday, Saturday & Sunday is an off

College timings - 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

 6 month paid internship 

  • CHF 2150 to CHF 2400 GPM
  • Less-taxes CHF 1800 GPM
  • ADD - tips, incentives, overtime
  • CHF 2000 PM plus
  • RS. 15.0 to 2 lacs pm 
  • ACC/ MEALS are taken care by the employer

CAMPUS RECRUITMENT - Potential employers

  • Hotels/restaurants/resorts
  • Airlines/cruiselines
  • Company's


  1. Preparation of resume/ CV
  2. Telephonic interview
  3. Video conferenceing
  4. Personal interview

European countries: Employer apply's for  EU card (valid for 4 years)

USA: 10 years multiple entry Visa

Canada: 1 year legal stay in Switserland +International education plus  the work experience +  can apply for an open work permit from France


Have to continue with some institute to renew the B permit + Schengen Visa and then contunie stay is Switherland.





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